Derby Profiles

In this section you will be able to get a small insight into some of the present day trainers and jockeys. Each of these personalities set themselves one goal each year and that is to triumph in the Epsom Derby Betting Odds, the question is who will come out on top this time round. Each profile gives a brief background as to how they got started, who gave them there big break some of there best moments.

Everyone finds Frankie Dettori fascinating as he is the one personality who has given Horse Racing its biggest boost in recent years. These profiles highlight some of these personalities' highs and lows and in Frankie's case his magnificent seven was his biggest high and the plane accident that nearly took his life as his biggest low.

Kieran Fallen is another who has received more column inches than most from his brilliance in the saddle to his problems with dinking and in recent times being linked to some skulduggery in racing which has yet to be proven. Whichever side you are on there is no question Kieran is a dedicated jockey with only one aim an that is to win as many horse races as he possibly can.


The trainers such as Michael Stoute featured are all winners but you can find out more about what has got them to where they are and their devotion to one thing and that is to get the best out of the horse. They are all unique individuals and in our featured profiles the winners of the coming Derbies are in their capable hands.

We hope you enjoy getting to know the main players a little better and you never know it may just steer you in the direction of the winner of the big race itself, as does our Epsom Derby Tips secion.

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